Monday, May 28, 2012

Brooklyn East India Pale Ale

Today I'm drinking Brooklyn East India Pale Ale brewed by The Brooklyn Brewery in Utica, New York. The label is very simple, just highlighting the Brooklyn logo. A little story on the neck states that this is their version of brewer George Hodgson's beer from the 1820's, designed to last the trip from England to India. Ed Roberts traded me this one for a few Newcastle Summer Ales. Good trade? LOL. Actually, he noticed I hadn't reviewed it before and had a bottle, so decided to give it to me. Best Before July, 2012.

Bready, doughy aroma with light floral hops. Similar flavors. Bread and dough, fairly malty. Very dry in the beginning. Some caramel sweetness comes through in the background too. Next up, herbal tea, and a lot of it, very much showing its English IPA characteristics. Hoppy, floral, good body and decent balance. You know what? I just don't dig this style of beer, so it's hard to make a fair evaluation or comparison. I don't like the herbal and doughy qualities, but if you do, you will probably like this beer.  That's it.

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