Monday, May 7, 2012

Dos Costas Oeste Cedar Wood

Today I'm drinking Dos Costas Oeste, the version brewed with Cedar Wood by Cigar City Brewing in Tampa, Florida. Over the past several months, I've had the opportunity to check out the other two versions of this beer collaboration done with The Bruery. First I tried the one brewed with Grapefruit Wood followed by the one brewed with Lemon Wood. I'll let you know my favorite by the end of this review.

The wine bottle label design is the same as the others, with the exception of the background colors that the map is overlayed on. This one is pastel pinks and reds, and once again, a nice elegant presentation. The July01 marking threw me off until I got out my magnifying glass to see another 11 imprinted next to it (but no ink). Guess that was a prank by those crazy guys Joey and Wayne. Always joshing around! LOL.

Nice orange aroma with a solid coriander and yeasty saison bouquet. Sweet orange flavors start things off too. That was followed by some spicy, yeasty zing, even reaching a sourness I wasn't prepared for. The next noticeable attribute is the massive cedar flavor, very woody and buttery and dominant.

The 9% alcohol adds some zip and heat, a little spirits like. As you work your way through the bottle, the ginger and coriander really build to the point of overload. Again, quite yeasty with some hay and wet dog characteristics. Prickly carbonation. Good body.

Honestly, this was the weakest of the three. I don't feel any of the flavors worked in harmony at all and some just dominated. The cedar was overbearing. The ginger/coriander spice basket built to an unmanageable crescendo. I love saisons but the yeasty factor here was not incorporated well with the rest of the flavors. And the alcohol was just annoying.

With some warmth, the finish becomes sugary sweet, a characteristic in common with the other two versions. I didn't like that characteristic in any of them. Lemon > Grapefruit >> Cedar.

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