Sunday, May 20, 2012

Moa Breakfast

Today I'm drinking Moa Breakfast brewed by Moa Brewing Company in Marlborough, New Zealand. I already checked out Moa Pale Ale and Moa Imperial Stout recently, and this is the third that was available. One was great; one was horrible. Hoping for another winner here.

Breakfast came in a 12.7 ounce green bottle, very heavy and elegantly packaged, including a cork and cage. The grey theme is similar to their other beers, this one just has a bright green accent "BREAKFAST". You will be told this is a wheat beer too.

Wow! I wasn't expecting this at all. Highly fruity with an enormous amount of berries and cherries wafting up my nostrils. I like it. Tart and yeasty flavors in the beginning, took a few sips to get used to. Cherries are very prominent and taste exactly like the cherry cough drops I was sucking on for a week up until yesterday. But not in a bad way. I was also reminded of a candle, though I've never tried eating one.

The tartness meets a nice hoppy bitterness and yet you can still feel an underlying sweetness. Good harmony. Nice carbonation and body and wheaty texture. The 5.5% alcohol wasn't really noticeable. Not a bad little beer. It did cost $5 so keep that in mind.

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