Friday, May 4, 2012

Moa Pale Ale

Today I'm drinking Moa Pale Ale brewed by Moa Brewing Company in Marlborough, New Zealand. I grabbed this bottle and two of his buddies at Total Wine yesterday. I might never have grabbed any of them except that the Micro Man distributor guy (I had never seen these guys before) was chatting me and the store managers up about this brewery, how they don't even own a computer, and how everything is done carefully by hand. I was in one of those "what the hell" moods so I grabbed one of each, despite the $5 price tags.

This 12.7 beer was packaged in an elegant dark green glass bottle. It appears the brewery was named for a Moa, which is an extinct flightless bird that used to be found in New Zealand. A depiction of the Moa is raised in the glass neck, as is the brewery name. The label is very simple, presented in silver and green, keeping in line with the sophisticated presentation. BB 20.10.13

Huge head and lots of floaties. Very tropical fruity aroma with plenty of hops and spice and pine in the background. Smells great, like a fantastic Double IPA if I had to guess! Wow. This is excellent! Nice malty sweetness with juicy fruit meets and awesome peppery spicy bitterness. Pine and citrus and great hop character.

Not quite as chewy and not quite the alcoholic prowess that its big brothers have, but this beer isn't lacking any flavors that a heftier beer would offer. Spicy nips on the palate are great, helped along by the upper-level carbonation. I don't guess Pale Ale if asked for style, but since no one asked and it really doesn't matter, whatever. The finish is a little dry with the 5.5% alcohol. Leans bitter, but there is plenty of sweet balance. Nice flavors, extremely fresh and absolutely fabulous. Highly recommended, at least once, even with this price tag.

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