Friday, May 25, 2012


Today I'm drinking Paceña brewed by Cerveceria Boliviana Nacional in La Paz, Bolivia. Yes, that wiki link is the best I can do for a website link. I saw Bolivia and grabbed a bottle on the way out of Total Wine the other day, total impulse buy. The label is mostly gold foil, and indeed the neck and cap are covered with gold foil as well. There is a thumbnail picture of a city in front of the Andes Mountains on the front. I did get a kick out of two of the ingredients: selected cereal and Antioxydant 224. Drink 11.8 oz (350 cm3) bottle before 18JUN12.

Grainy and a little nutty aroma while also spicy and grassy. Sweet grain flavors in the beginning as well. And again, there is definitely a little of that nutty character. Faintly fruity, some hops and spiciness. There is a small unwelcome buttery flavor that took from the refreshment but not too bad. Good carbonation. Decent beer and a neck above most mass beers.

I think it's noteworthy that "The Bros" gave the beer a 94 Exceptional rating too.

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