Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Today I'm drinking Bionda brewed by Birra Tenute Collesi SRL in Apecchio, Italy. I've been very impressed by this brewery's offerings so far. This will be the fifth of six provided to me by the US Importer. Bionda has a yellowish color scheme of neck and label decorations, though the main label almost reaches a peach color. Not exactly a match. The story on the back talks about "creamy foam and good perlage" (That's what she said!)

Good head. Sweet light fruitiness and yeast for a bouquet. Sweet candied fruit flavors open things up, apples and pears, very nice. Some bread and toast come next, buttery smooth. Lemon and orange citrus add a light bitter balance. So yeah, Bionda is balanced, but you can really taste both sweet and citrus bitter, not just a blended "even-Steven". Like that Seinfeld episode where Jerry always breaks even, including with his friends. When George is down, Elaine is up... and vice versa.

Carbonation is prickly and adds refreshment. For my second glass from this 500 mL bottle, I just poured the rest, including lots of yeasty sediment. Those little globby floaties tasted very nice, unique little flavor particles. The 6% alcohol was not very noticeable in any way. Anyway, check this one out!

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