Friday, June 8, 2012


I was recently talking about some of the success Italian brewers seem to be having and came across a full lineup of beers from Birra Tenute Collesi SRL at my local Total Wine. Considering there were several styles and they were on the pricier end, I made a request to their importer here in the US for product samples. My request was fulfilled, so you will be seeing a series here of the different Collesi beers over the next few weeks.

All of the bottles are designed with a simple yet elegant theme and presentation. The 16.9 oz bottles each have a color scheme where the color of the label matches the color of the bottle neck and cap covering. The neck is decorated with a simple thumbnail sketch of the top of a castle while saying "1870 Collesi". The main label says "Beer From Italy" and each introduces the name of the beer with Imper Ale.

Today I happened to start with Chiara, their witbier. On the back label, you get a short introduction to the beer and some expectations. It sounds delicious! They even used the phrase "good perlage" which immediately took me to Google. I'm pretty sure they are talking about the head of the beer based on my research.

Big pop upon opening. The cap had a plastic liner on the inside, which I hadn't seen before. You could easily see that there was a ton of yeast sediment on the bottom of the bottle, so I took a lot of care to pour slowly. I saved that yeasty portion to try after drinking the rest of it.

Very fruity aroma with a big dose of banana standing out, yeasty. Classic aroma for this style. Very tasty fruit flavors right from the start: apples and pears and bananas and even a hint of lemony citrus. The beginning is lightly tart, and though a good malt balance comes next, the beer is never sweet.

Prickly yet fine carbonation, nice creamy texture. Nice body, too. The finish is dry, but not so much. The 6% alcohol wasn't very noticeable either. Flavorful and refreshing with an excellent lasting banana aftertaste. Enjoyable in every way.

I did drink the yeasty part after drinking most of the rest of the beer. The flavors were basically the same, thought the texture was thicker and different. I'd recommend either doing what I did and skipping the yeast OR just mixing the yeast in with the entire beer.

Oh, and one more thing for you "lacing freaks". The lacing on the glass was quite frothy and very sexy.


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