Tuesday, June 26, 2012

DailyBeerReview.com News

Many of you know that I have spent several years writing daily about Craft Beer (mostly) on this website. You probably also remember me straying off course several times into the world of Spirits as well if you are a regular subscriber. So it should be no shock for you to see me starting up a website dedicated to Fine Spirits. In fact, some of my friends have been predicting that would happen without even knowing the idea has been swirling in my mind for quite a while. I just needed one last push to get there. And that happened during the Camus Cognac ByTheGlassShow last week.

Does that mean I've given up on Craft Beer? Hell No! The Beer Wench has often said "[Dogfish Head] Midas Touch was the beer that officially converted me from a wine professional and beer hobbyist to a full-blown craft beer evangelist with a wine habit." And that's exactly how I feel about Fine Spirits. After dabbling for quite a while, across the board on categories, I've fallen in love with them at the partial expense of my craft beer passion.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know about some of the changes to come for this website. DailyBeerReview.com is not dead. It's just going to be scaled back to "less-than-daily publication" so I can write on my new site DistilledReflections.com. Check it out. I published my first post a few minutes ago. I will continue to post regularly here, at least a few times a week, but I hope you will also subscribe to my new endeavor. And I will likely be drinking and chatting beer much more frequently than that on that time-waster Twitter if you need more of me. In the end, basically nothing has changed except the frequency of posting here. A relief to some that I'm sure all will get used to! And of course I will continue to be a hardcore promoter of the Craft Beer movement!

Comment if you'd like, as usual.


Patrick said...

Hell yeah. I enjoy fine spirits too. As well as good wine of course.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey Patrick. Yeah, it's very common I'm sure, beer drinkers enjoying other alcoholic beverages. I just felt that after years of "Daily" I needed to explain why I broke the promise that only a web domain can make. LOL. Anyway, I love beer. Just expanding to other loves.