Saturday, June 23, 2012

Easy Rider Hopped Up Session Ale

Today I'm drinking Easy Rider Hopped Up Session Ale brewed by Terrapin Beer Company in Athens, Georgia. As usual, there is a turtle on the label doing some un-turtle-like thing. This time, cowboy turtle is riding his custom motorcycle through a cactus-covered desert. The story to the side tells you what to expect, to the point of suggesting the aroma will remind me of my first hippie experience. (FLASHBACK!!! When that super hairy chick stripped down at the lake freshman year in college. Loads of hippies at Cornell!) You are told in many ways that this is a beer you can drink all day, though nowhere do I see any alcohol content listed. Pretty big error for a beer they want you to consider as a session beer. Seasonal 2012.

Mmm. The aroma is really nice. Fresh and hoppy, even fresh herbs. Nice orange and citrus with touch of spice. Very fresh tasting as well. Orange and citrus flavors dominate. Lightly bitter. There is also a persistent spicy rye-like nibble that continues to hit the palate. That works great with an upper-level carbonation. Some maltier bread dough adds a little balance to the initial bitterness.

Easy Rider could have been a little crisper. Toward the end of each sip, the beer felt a little soapy, taking away a little from otherwise great refreshment. Flavors are great. Very enjoyable beer. Grab some for sure. Bring on the hippies!

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