Sunday, June 17, 2012

Tequila Tasting Barbecue

Last Sunday I was invited to a barbecue by one of the families from the Little League team I coach. Upon arrival, I said sure to a beer. Duh! What I found was a cooler full of Mexican beers, mostly macros, but I decided Modelo Especial was my best option. After a few beers and zero goals in the soccer match, typical, we were told a little surprise for the day.

Our host is from Mexico, and he is seemingly an expert (or at least a very knowledgeable aficionado) when it comes to Tequila. As he used a young, white tequila to make everyone a margarita, he explained all the ingredients and how to mix them and in what proportions. And while we were drinking them, he let us know that there would be four other tequilas that we would try that afternoon. Sort of an impromptu tasting.

I'm not even sure what the names of some of the tequilas were that we tasted, for example the one from the blue and white porcelain bottle. Anyone? We then moved on to 1800 Anejo. Speaking of 1800 Tequila, did you see their new Essential Artists Visionaries series for this year? This is a favorite of mine from Artist Tara McPherson (yes, the same Tara that did the Dogfish Head Fort and Chateau Jiahu labels and this year's seasonal prints). The picture above is her photo from the unveiling. BTW, if you are wondering about gift ideas for me for Father's Day, well, I hope you can take a hint.

Anyway, after polishing off the most tender beef from the grill with a kick-ass salad and amazing sides, we went back for the 4th course in our tequila tasting--Don Julio 1942. We sipped and BS'd for a while until the final offering was introduced. We were presented with a very cool painted wooden box. This was the highlight of the afternoon, an Extra Anejo, Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia 2011.

While I didn't take any notes, I will say that these tequilas were all super smooth. There was a lot of character from the wood, some buttery textures and flavors, vanilla, just awesome. Here is a pictorial of my afternoon. I hope I'm invited back for another tasting, and next time I'll take some notes (and better pictures).

The Life!
I added this photo on 7/30/12 I took it at Total Wine, though they were not serving it.

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