Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Grieskirchner Pils

Cracked open an Austrian Pilsner today. Yep! I'm drinking Grieskirchner Pils brewed by Brauerei Grieskirchen in Grieskirchen, Austria. After liking the way I handled their Collesi line, the US importer asked if I'd like to give three beers from this brewery a whirl. You know what I said already, right?

The 11.2 ounce bottle is green. Cap is a twist-off. Whatever. Label is shiny silver with some green and gold accents. In the center is a black and white countryside landscape scene, rolling hills with a small village. 4.8% alcohol.

Nice grainy sweet aroma, floral as well with a little grass and spiciness. The flavors are exactly as the aroma promised. Sweet grain in the beginning is perfectly balanced by some grassy and spicy hops. A little toasted malt and a touch of lemon add some nuances as well. Nice carbonation and a good body, not too light or watery at all.

Refreshing, quite clean. Simple yet with some depth. An enjoyable easy drinker that you could easily put away a bunch. I'm not sure the price point, but if it's competitive with the US market, I'd for sure check it out!

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