Saturday, July 28, 2012

Humming Ale

I just visited the new Total Wine store in Plantation, FL a few days ago. You should totally check it out. Nice place! Scanning the beer aisle, I found a beer that my home store of Pembroke Pines never bothered to order. Of course I am talking about Humming Ale brewed by Anchor Brewing Company in San Francisco, California.

This beer is packaged in the unique Anchor bottles. Around the neck is a story, very difficult to read. Its micro print, length and the fact that I have to keep rotating the bottle make it very hard to follow. Anyway, I took one for the team. Apparently, Humming is a word that described beer way back in olden times. Reminiscing about their first location at 1705 Mariposa Street, Anchor made this beer to commemorate the anniversary of making their first beer there. You know, back in the craft beer olden days? Bonus info: mariposa means butterfly in Spanish. Yes, mi esposa es Colombiana. LOL.

Doughy, bready aroma with some light citric bitterness. The flavors are also doughy to begin with, but I was a little shocked by the sourness that shines through. After a second or two, you start to taste more lemony citrus bitterness. Acidic and citric, hoppy with a little pine. Sharp and not well-balanced at all.

The mouthfeel is extremely crisp, lightly puckering, and palate cleansing. Seriously, this is all about the sourdough. Not bitter like an IPA or even a Pale Ale, which is where I believe this beer is classified. It's sour, and that one-dimensional aspect is something I can't get past. I didn't hate this but I'd also look for something else. Like the Liberty Ale right next to it!

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