Thursday, July 5, 2012

Weyerbacher Seventeen

Tuesday afternoon at 3 pm, can't think of anything more I'd rather be doing than drinking a Weyerbacher Seventeen, celebrating the brewery's anniversary: 1995 - 2012. Congratulations. The label is simple, not their new artsy stuff yet, and just shows a giant XVII behind the spelled out name. You are also made aware that this is a saison brewed with orange, lemon and grapefruit peels, as well as pink peppercorns.

An aroma of peaches and yeast and spices, all soaked in booze. Very fruity flavors kick things off, sweet peaches and oranges. The Belgian yeast is very prominent as well, start to finish. While it's not hot and annoying burny, there is a helluva boozy kick from the 10.5% alcohol. If you read the link I put above, Weyerbacher has a self-imposed alcohol minimum of 10% for its anniversary series. Hmm.

After a few sips and getting used to the sweetness, you will be able to start picking out the zesty lemon and citrus flavors. Bitter yet candied, still able to help take some of the sweet edge off. Cloves and coriander and pepper add nuances to the spice basket.

The alcohol really does a nice job making the flavors stand out, especially the fruits, like how spiked fruits in a melon bowl might taste. Big body, heavy, chewy, sticky. Very nice flavors, though this is anything but refreshing, and is obviously a style all its own. Don't buy it because you enjoy the light airy tartness of saisons, because this is not your beer. Perfect beer for a Miami afternoon in July (yeah, I'm inside, of course, duh).

Update 10 minutes later: I thought my review was done, but I'm still drinking the end of the glass. The alcohol heat in my chest is building up, not necessarily in a bad way, but you can feel it.

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