Saturday, August 11, 2012

Batch 69 Double Cream Ale

Today I grabbed me a wine-sized bottle of Batch 69 Double Cream Ale brewed by Cigar City Brewing in Tampa, Florida. Yesterday morning, say around 9:01, my appearance disrupted the morning Total Wine employee meeting. First Customer! One of the guys up front thought fast and showed me that they had a few of these Batch 69 bottles behind the counter. At $8 I decided what the heck, despite knowing I'd be falling of the Bomber Boycott wagon.

The story on the back gives a little inspiration. This beer is "a nod to [Cigar City's] earlier, maybe slightly more immature days," which, based on the beer name and some of the other comments, I think means they don't laugh when someone says "69" anymore. The label is simple, showing the name Batch 69 on a background also made of a 69. Bottled July 30, 2012.

Nice head (good thing considering the name). Quite fruity, mostly peaches and apples. Sweet smelling candy and caramel. Peach cobbler flavor with a very noticeable kick from the 9% alcohol. Also fairly syrupy and very sweet. Apples with a mix of roses and flower petals and perfume come next. Fragrant in the mouth, if you know what I mean.

Very creamy texture, one of its best aspects. A little spicy with some vanilla beans too. Overall, too sweet, candy-like and sugary throughout. The alcohol was not integrated enough and kind of worked with the apple flavors to heighten an unpleasant fruity alcohol spirits-type flavor. The finish also has a funny taste of cardboard and paper. I was hoping with some warmth, the beer would be a little friendlier, but I'm sad to say that didn't happen. I'd save your $8 or buy a six pack of Florida Lager instead.

Hey Look! It's Still 69!

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