Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Grieskirchner Weisse

I decided Grieskirchner Weisse brewed by Brauerei Grieskirchen (Google Chrome will translate it for you) in Grieskirchen, Austria would be the second of the series of three that I received from their US Importer. The Pils was delightful.

There is a no-frills label on this Metric Pounder (I made that up for 16.9 oz bottles. Hopefully I'm the first to coin the term.) As with their Pils, a small country scene is depicted, this time in color and focused on a tall church or town hall in the middle of the village.

Very cloudy and murky yellow color, typical. Plenty of wheat and tons of orange and banana in the aroma. Fruity, with a light spice, but not an overly strong aroma.

Wheat flavors are big up front and throughout. And unlike the aroma, the spices really pop. Cloves and coriander really stand out prominently as an orange flavor provides a nice palate to do so. There are also some banana flavors that are fairly noticeable.

A nice tangy zing is present and welcome, helping to brighten up an otherwise thick and wheaty coating on the mouth. However, I would have certainly preferred that to have been quite a bit sharper. Good balance, lightly sweet throughout. Carbonation was solid. Body decent. 5.1% alcohol not noticeable. Not a bad beer and it certainly grows on you as you drink the entire thing.

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