Thursday, August 2, 2012

Kapsreiter Landbier

Here I am looking at Kapsreiter Landbier brewed by Brauerei Kapsreiter in Schärding, Austria.I thought this was going to be the third beer from Brauerei Grieskirchen that the US Importer sent me, but nope, this one stands alone. Different brewer.

The 16.9 ounce bottle has a swing cap style cork, like the ones that you see on Grolsch (or used to, at least). The label describes part of the brewing process: 8 days slowly fermented. 66 days matured in a stone cellar. There is an illustration of a farmer in a field of grain, with an endless amount of other fields behind him. He honestly better get to work! Production Number 02 11 0104.

Grainy, sweet aroma. Sweet grain flavors too. Light toastiness with some caramel and honey flavors as well. Quite sweet with little in the way of a hops answer or balance. Decent body, carbonation OK Not very refreshing and just too sweet to be enjoyable. I'd pass.

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