Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Samuel Adams Imperial White

Today I grabbed a bottle of Samuel Adams Imperial White brewed by The Boston Beer Company in Boston, Cincinnati or Breinigsville, Pennsylvania. Looks like I tried this beer before back in April, 2009. Let's see how this review compares. If memory serves me right, the label on this newest batch is different from the one I had before. The redesign includes an illustration of a Belgian Lion (as depicted on the Belgian Coat of Arms), though it looks a little bit mythological too. "Enjoy now or age it to develop rich and unique flavors." A short intro on the back says this beer "pushes out the boundaries of a witbier".

Rich banana aroma, buttery with perhaps just a hint of citrus and spice. Similar flavors. Rich, thick over-ripened banana flavors dominate the beginning, quite chewy too. Very sweet as well. Make no mistake about the boozy 10.3% alcohol showing itself either. Thick, to the point of syrupy consistency.

Wheat and coriander flavors are also very noticeable. The sweetness never really subsides and is never challenged by any bitter balance at all. The low-ish carbonation and alcohol don't really cut through either.

Definitely creamy and really nice flavors but too syrupy and sweet. The alcohol could be cut by a few percentage points as well, in my opinion, to have a more approachable beer. I guess taking the aging suggestion could be the answer to battling the alcohol, though.


TJ Lubrano said...

Hello! Pretty color ^_^ That aside, not sure what I must think of the banana flavor. I usually stay away of banana & watermelon flavored drinks. Also alcoholic drinks that are too sweet are no good for me either haha. Oh oh a friend told me about a cupcake flavored vodka...have you seen it where you live? I knew the brand name, but can't recall it anymore.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey Tahira.

You know you're my favorite, right? The banana flavor comes from the yeast, not as an actual banana flavor additive. It's really quite nice. The sweetness was a little much but we can work with that.

Yeah, the new trend in Vodka is to flavor it. There is a brand I saw at the horse track, I can't think of the name, that has like 20 different flavors, like whipped cream and cotton candy, etc. They are really good too. There are a handful of brands promoting those now.

Stop by anytime!

TJ Lubrano said...

Haha. You're so kind :) Ahh I do know the yeast smell when I bake e.g. bread or cinnamon buns. It's indeed banana-ish. Interesting!

I have to taste the Vodka!! Very curious about it. Need to check if I can get sample bottles in a store nearby. :D

I float by when I can! *waves*