Wednesday, September 19, 2012

2012 Best of Beer Camp #53: Floral IPA

Today I'm checking out the second beer from this year's Sierra Nevada Beer Camp mixed 12 pack. That would be Beer Camp #53: Floral IPA. The label is the same for each beer in the series, except for the changing background border colors. Floral IPA has a green backing.

Nice head. Very floral with a citrus and fruity hoppiness. Certainly well named. Very flowery and grassy flavors start things off. A little citrus orange and lemon meet some herbal flavors, while bread dough and pale malt flavors come next. That doughy flavor takes things to the brink of sourness, a little much and annoying by the end of the beer.

Not really a very balanced beer, but not because it's overly hoppy. Rather the sour just makes things a little unpleasant. A bit of the 5.9% alcohol shows on the finish. So this was just an OK beer, and keep that statement in mind when you recall what a fan-boy I am of their Pale Ale. The mixed 12 pack is still worth the buy, so you should get to try it as well. Let me know what you think. So far, Imperial Red Ale >> Floral IPA.

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