Saturday, September 1, 2012

Newcastle Werewolf

Today I'm drinking Newcastle Werewolf, a Blood Red Ale (Irish Red) brewed by The Caledonian Brewery in Edinburgh, UK. This beer is part of Newcastle's Limited Editions series and was provided to me by their communications agency. The information that came along with the beer talked about the Mythical Newcastle Werewolf that is said to roam the countryside near the brewery. But then they made sure to tell you that "No Bollocks", they are using that story to generate interest in this brand and sell beer. Haha.

The bottle label continues with that same story and theme, and even decorates the label with wolf fur and some claw marks. The neck says, "Escaped From Britain". 4.5% alcohol.

Herbal and sweet aroma with some nutty and toasted grain qualities. It has that distinct aroma that makes me think "British beer". Not sure if you know what I mean but if not, sorry.

Caramel sweetness in the beginning leads into a lingering berry tartness. Herbal and earthy, with a strange metallic bitterness at the end. That berry flavor builds to a point where it starts to taste a little sour and astringent. Decent body; good carbonation. The aftertaste is just not that pleasant. Perhaps average... No Bollocks. I have another bottle if anyone would like to try it.

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