Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Today I'm drinking DayTime, "A Fractional IPA" brewed by Lagunitas Brewing Company in Petaluma, California. Underneath "A Fractional IPA" there is the micro comment, "Is that ridiculous or what..?!" Around the label, as usual, a little ditty. "Have ya been jonesing for something more primal and less evolved? If so, Fire is the element for you. Air, Water, and Earth are of no use. There is a freedom in burning down the house of fixed realities and it confers an undeniable lightness to being." Not sure what the hell they are talking about... perhaps you guys can explain it all to me.

Anyway, the aroma is malty bread and fruity citrus, with even a little tropical action. The flavors are even nicer. Fruity and extremely juicy and fresh. Like they just picked this off the beer tree. Those fruity flavors are met by an excellent and quite refreshing hoppy bitterness. Lemon, orange, a little grass. Balanced, leaning bitter.

Low to medium body but not watery. The 4.65% alcohol is not noticeable, which I think is the point. I think that might be what the "Fractional" may refer to. You know, like a fraction of the alcohol? Finish is dry. Pleasant aftertaste. Check it out for sure. You will not be disappointed.


pmarsh said...

Enjoying one now. A fantastic session beer I must say. Would like to know where the ditty came from.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

They have one of those goofy little stories around every label. Someone is getting paid to create those.