Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Invocation Belgian-Style Golden Ale

Today I'm drinking Invocation, a Belgian-Style Golden Ale brewed by Thomas Creek Brewery for Wild Heaven Craft Beers in Decatur, Georgia. I grabbed a pair of these when I was up in Atlanta last weekend. Thanks again to my sister for finally getting married and making this happen! LOL.

The front of the label depicts a monk offering the Invocation at service, head bowed with a candle in his hands. There is a little story on the side to set your expectations: "Inspired by the great golden ales of Belgium". Best served at 46°F.

I decided to use my Affligem glass for this beer. Nope, the enormous head did not allow me to pour the whole bottle into the glass. What's more, that head would just NOT recede. Took forever until I finally got impatient and just drank the beer through it. That did not exactly make for a great smelling opportunity, but you can deal with it.

So through big fluffy, you could smell fruits and yeast, apples and pears. The flavors also started with a dominant yeast flavor, a bit sour in the beginning too. Plenty of apples and peaches are really brought to the front by an immediate kick from the 8.5% alcohol.

Spicy cloves, bananas and oranges come next. Lightly tart, lightly bitter, lightly sour. Very interesting. The yeast was extremely noticeable throughout. It made this beer texturally thick and even added in some funk, especially toward the end. The finish was also very dry. Nice flavors. I wish Invocation was a little less sour and funky and had a crisper, less-dense texture. However, I would for sure check it out again.


Matt mmWine Horbund said...

I like Belgians, a lot. I'll give it a try. Distribution? Is it a "Total" beer, website only, trade only? That's something maybe to add to each post. A lot of people don't know how specialized beer is, and how hard to find them it can be.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey Matt.

I tried to give that impression by saying I grabbed it while traveling to a family event, but you're right, I should spell it out better. You won't likely find this beer except in the Atlanta area, at least for now. And it's definitely not in South Florida. I bought it at a Kroger when I was there and brought it home with me.

Unknown said...

Don't we actually get Thomas Creek down here? Or am I thinking of another brewery?

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey Patrick.

We do get Thomas Creek beers down here, but this was a Wild Heaven beer that was contract brewed by them. Thomas Creek also does Hatuey and Holy Mackerel beers, a few off the top of my head.