Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ode to Mercy Imperial Brown Ale

Today I'm drinking Ode to Mercy Imperial Brown Ale brewed by Thomas Creek Brewery in Greensville, South Carolina for Wild Heaven Craft Beers in Decatur, Georgia. I had never heard of this brewery until I was up in Atlanta this past weekend for my sister's wedding. I was yapping away about something when Twitter friend Christine asked if I had ever tried Wild Heaven beers. Later that evening, I found myself in a Kroger and this beer caught my eye. I'd probably not have even noticed it without the recommendation. So thanks, I hope.

The label shows a man playing a guitar, a bit impressionistic with its style. Simple but nice. There is a story to the side titled "Serve Your Neighbor". I'm not quite sure how that title ties into the story below it, as the story is a simple explanation of what you can expect from the beer. Best served at 46°F. 40 IBU. 20 SRM. 8.2% alcohol.

Very nutty aroma with an underlying malty sweetness. Coffee, pecans and wood follow in the nose. The flavors are a lot richer than I was expecting, quite creamy as well. Caramel sweetness is intertwined with plenty of nutty flavors in the beginning. Wood, smoke and a light roast follow.

Those initial flavors are met with an ample amount of coffee. And a really nice coffee it is, too. Great flavor and offering a balance for the initial sweetness. The alcohol can be felt in the chest, especially toward the end, but is not a distraction at all. The finish is also pretty dry. Smooth, nice texture and flavors. Very enjoyable.

You know, I think that based on the contract beers I've tasted from them (Holy Mackerel, Hatuey, Wild Heaven), Thomas Creek has proven itself a solid brewer; they could, however, probably use some recipe lessons for their own stuff.

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