Saturday, October 13, 2012

Rayon Vert

Green Flash Brewing beers finally hit the shelves down here in South Florida. I've had the pleasure of trying  Double Stout and love their Le Freak, but my favorite review about Green Flash came at the hands of the Cooking Asshole!

Anyway, today I picked up a bottle of Rayon Vert, a Belgian-style Pale Ale. The label is very boring and could use a serious modern upgrade. Perhaps that's what they mean by "Continuously Evolving" at the bottom of it. The thumbnail tropical scene just isn't doing it! I do like that they have Green Flash and their sunset logo stamped into the bottle.

Enormous head. I swear I thought that the beer was infected based on the bottle pop and pour, but nope. Yeast, citrus and soap aroma, with plenty of pungent funk. Took a long time for the head to recede enough to even get near the beer.

Orange and citrus flavors, sweet and tangy simultaneously. Next up, some hay and plenty of funk. The 7.0% alcohol shows a little as it makes the lemon rind flavors really pop. Thick and chewy texture. The Belgian yeast inspiration is clearly noted as well, quite a yeasty beer.

Spicy and peppery toward the end before a very dry finish. Rayon Vert started out a little strange but that's just the way it is sometimes with the style. A definite "grow on you kind of beer". Check it out!

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