Monday, November 5, 2012

Estaminet Premium Pils

After our appearance on last week's ByTheGlassShow, Ed Roberts and I traded a few beers. One of the ones he gave me was Estaminet Premium Pils brewed by Palm Breweries in Steenhuffel, Belgium. I know we have other Palm beers here in South Florida, but not positive about this one. The label on my 11.2 oz bottle is simple, decorated only with the name of the beer and the phrase "A Belgian Original Since 1747". The back sets your expectations, focusing on how the Saaz hops lead to a distinct fruitiness. Sounds good to me. Serve at 4°C. 5.2% alcohol. Best Before 08/07/2013.

Nice zesty, lemony aroma, grassy and fairly sharp. Big bang on the palate to start. Yeah, I'm awake now. That lemon zest carries through and really hits with a nice bitter sharpness. But that aggressiveness is soothed by some soft fruity apple flavors. Some grainy sweetness also helps to balance out the initial bitterness. However, make no mistake, the bitterness prevails in a landslide.

Carbonation is great, nipping at the tongue from the first sip. Quite a refreshing beer! Not thin. Pleasant flavors with absolutely zero trace of skunk. The finish is again fruity and very enjoyable. Also, if lacing is your thing, this beer has that going for it too.

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Anonymous said...

this beer really isnt that good - subjective of course but it is filtered whereas in the pic here it looks unfiltered

really thin tasting.