Friday, November 2, 2012

Hop Head Red

I thought I had tried Hop Head Red from Green Flash Brewing before, but if I did, I never wrote down any tasting notes. Unlikely. Anyway, now that their beers are distributed here, I grabbed a bottle to check out. The label is simple with a red background color. They call this a Red India Pale Ale and note that it's Amarillo Dry Hopped.

Nice spicy aroma with plenty of pine and citrus and orange and fresh hops. Excellent caramel flavors open things up, maltier than I had anticipated. That initial sweetness was very nice and works terrifically with the pine and spicy hops that follow. Sweet orange meets bitter and floral citrus, just a nice combo. Not really sweet or bitter, a bit of both taking turns really makes for a nice experience.

Good carbonation, creamy. There is a touch of the 7.0% alcohol toward the finish, providing a little bite before you take your next sip. Very enjoyable. Check it out no doubt.

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