Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Exit 16 Wild Rice Double IPA

When your representative from the best craft beer distributor in the area recommends a beer that isn't theirs, you grab it and take a chance. That's what I did with Exit 16 Wild Rice Double IPA brewed by Flying Fish Brewing Company in Somerdale, New Jersey. As usual, the label for this "Exit Series" just shows a road sign for the NJ Turnpike. A short story on the side explains that the rice is used to dry out the beer so all the hop varieties are highlighted. Bonus Question... If you exit on Exit 16, where are you?

Noticeable rice aroma, but hold on. One second later, you are met with an awesome tropical tangerine and ripe peach burst. Floral and hoppy, too. Not a super powerful bouquet, but worthy of sticking your nose in the glass for a few extra sniffs!

As predicted, dry flavors, right from the beginning. Interesting to start, grainy with sharp lemony bitterness. I was a little shocked actually just how bitter and unbalanced it was. Some sweeter orange and fruit flavors do eventually come to the rescue, though. Pale malts, crackers, lemon rind, resinous bitterness... all working with a noticeable 8.2% alcohol. Yes, you know you are drinking.

Hoppy-hop-hop! Crisp, clean, palate-cleansing, dry, a little too astringent. Big carbonation and light, medium body are great. Let the beer warm up a little and some of that dry bitterness will disappear, but yeah, this is a double IPA and hits its mark. Slightly out of bounds, but good flavors, different with the rice and not like so many other DIPAs. Check it out!

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