Friday, December 7, 2012

Hop Cream

Yet another new brewery is now being distributed in South Florida, and I grabbed one of their beers. Today I am checking out Hop Cream brewed by Capital Brewery in Middleton, Wisconsin. The label depicts the dome of a Capitol Building. There are a few short words to set your expectations; 5.3% alcohol; IBU 34.

Grain and crackers, with a pleasant fruity citrus aroma. Similar flavors. A grainy sweet start gives way to an herbal and floral bitterness. A little grassy and a little medicinal, leaning toward being unpleasant at the finish. Carbonation is good; body is good. Sharp little nibbles at the palate are refreshing, but not creamy in the slightest as the name implies. Not a bad beer but that tinge of weirdness finishing each sip was a turn off.

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