Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Affligem 950 Cuvee

Today I'm drinking Affligem 950 Cuvee, a "quadruple hopped" Belgian Blond Ale brewed to celebrate the 950 years they've been brewing beers at this abbey. This was a Christmas gift from one of the agencies representing the brewery. I guess they really enjoyed my thorough review including the YouTube video I made for them a few months back.

The beer was presented in a corked and caged wine bottle with a classic words-only label design. I guess that's their shield or coat of arms or whatever you call it on the front, too. Alcohol 6.8%.

Of course I'm using an Affligem glass. This bottle came with two more of those glasses, so I'm working on a complete set. Frothy white head. Yeasty aroma with cloves, faint banana and a touch of sourness. That minor sour smell turned out to be a giant sour flavor, just wow and unexpected, shocking. Some apples and acidic white grapes mix with that sharp sourness.

Very yeasty texture and flavors, quite Belgian. There is a bit of spice but it's mostly muted. This is one heavily carbonated beer as well, not a bad thing. The one thing that I didn't find very prominent was hops, not even one nip in this "quadruple hopped" beer. The finish is dry and there is a funny aftertaste. You do get used to the initial sourness somewhat but it is still a little off-putting overall.

Not bad, not great. I'd never buy this when their terrific Affligem Blonde is on the shelf next to it. That's the way the ball bounces!

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