Sunday, January 13, 2013

Heart of Darkness

I took my one moment of peace today to grab Heart of Darkness, a stout brewed by Magic Hat Brewing Company in South Burlington, Vermont. Not only is it a stout. According to the label, it's a "diabolically delicious stout".  The art shows a mysterious eye surrounded by a pinkish purple swirl. This bottle is a sample from the brewery. Thanks, guys.

Big cocoa aroma with prunes and raisins underneath. You can also smell a light roast and a hint of smoke. Flavors are coffee and cocoa dominant at the beginning, everywhere in the mouth. Good roast with some smoke, even to the point of a light ashy char.

Creamy texture, good body, nicely carbonated too. Not sweet or bitter; rather, there is a different strange kind of tartness that infiltrates. As the beer warms up a little, the prunes and some cherry tartness show through even more. Finish is roasty and a little bitter. Pretty good. I'd check it out again.

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