Saturday, February 16, 2013

Brekle's Brown

How about that picture? Pretty nice, right?
Breckle's Brown was created by Anchor Brewmaster Mark Carpenter to honor their first brewmaster, Gottlieb Brekle. I know, tough break on the name, but at least he could brew beer! The story goes that he purchased a beer and billiards bar and started brewing in 1871, remaining the brewmaster until 1888. Within a decade, the bar was renamed Anchor Brewing.

This is an all malt, single hop brown ale. The citra hop was utilized in this recipe. 6.0% alcohol.

Rich and malty aroma. Hazelnutty with molasses, smells sweet, though you can easily detect the hops in the aroma as well. Malty flavors out of the gate--nutty with plenty of brown sugar. There is, however, a distince citric line running right through the beer.

I will say it's kind of flat, which I didn't love. The roast is nice and not harsh. Herbal with some sugary sweetness followed by a lemony answer. That persistent lemony, hoppy streak started to remind me of Lemon Pledge by the end of the beer. I've never tasted Pledge, but if you can imagine a flavor like that smell, you have it. Overall, good beer. Distinct and different and I think old Gottlieb would have been proud.

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