Sunday, February 3, 2013

Shiner FM 966 Farmhouse Ale

First, before you even ask, the name of the beer comes from the name of a farm to market road near the Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner, Texas. Yes I realize I could have left that off assuming you'd read the story on the back of the bottle, but I don't have faith.

The label calls this a "Spring Provision Ale" and later says it's "Made For Spring". I guess they wanted me to be sure. Also, "It's Refreshing and Spicy" and "A Season Delight". OK. Here we go.

Hay, spice and a light fruitiness in the nose. A bit sour to start, lemon followed by a sharp Granny Smith apple bite. Definitely some funky hay flavors going on too. There is a sweet contrast to the beer, not exactly balancing, rather a standalone flavor.

The carbonation is big, really helping with the overall refreshment of the beer. Spicy coriander rides along most of the way, noticeable but not overdone. The finish is dry. Overall, a pretty nice beer. Check it out.

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