Friday, March 15, 2013

By The Glass Show: Second Anniversary Party at The Sybarite Pig

By The Glass Show took its crew on the road last night for a remote broadcast at The Sybarite Pig in Boca Raton, Florida. The show celebrated its second anniversary with a focus on no particular topic, just all things beverage culture. I joined the regular crew and show research manager Ed Roberts stopped by as well. In addition to being our host, Syb Pig Owner Daniel Naumko also sat in and answered some questions about his craft beer bar and restaurant. The anniversary show was a pre-game for a Steak and BJ (Bottle Jam) dinner afterward. Everyone brought a bomber of beer to share.

We started the show by trying out a taste of Brett's homebrew. Brett mentioned that he recently passed some BJCP judging exams and was also working toward Cicerone certification, so he was dropping science like Galileo dropped the orange (yes you will need to listen to the whole thing). Anyway, Brett's beer had some potential and good chocolate and coffee flavors, not bad, but it had some stiff competition to compete with at this place.

The Syb Pig had eight beers on tap, and after all was said and done, Daniel graciously let us try three of those during the show. We started with a collaboration beer called Jerome & Spike's Barley Ryne brewed by Terrapin and Switzerland's Brasserie des Franches-Montagnes (BFM). Excellent candied apricot and orange flavors really opened things up. Sweet and boozy from the rum-barrel aging with a spicy rye finish. Very nice.

Next up, Back Forty's Naked Pig Pale Ale, an appropriate draft considering the restaurant name. Nicely hoppy and bitter, refreshing and clean. We then sampled Cigar City's Cervezas Frescas Series Guanabana Ale, a beer they brewed in collaboration with famous local homebrewer Johnathan Wakefield. Probably the haziest, cloudiest looking beer I've ever seen; looked like a banana smoothie. The taste was tropical and fruity, very juicy, pleasantly sour and refreshing.

Ed Roberts brought a bottle of Cigar City Hunahpu 2013 for us to try, acquired on Hunahpu's Day at the brewery a few days ago. The reaction from the show was mixed. Brett insisted on a black olive aroma. For me, it was more like a vegetable garden and peppery and earthy. Molasses seemed to be the dominant flavor with some pepper and chocolate and prune flavors leading to a lasting cinnamon finish.

Cigar City's Cervezas Frescas Series Guanabana Ale
That was about the time the bottle share began, as our normal hour went by swiftly and other restaurant guests started to arrive. Jorge kept the show rolling though, so we kept on tasting. Jason took "bottle" to mean Cognac, specifically Meukow VS, and it turned out to be one of the treats of the evening. This VS was aged for 6 years, on the long end for a VS. The aroma of butterscotch and violets was awesome! Candied dried fruit and vanilla, soft with some heat on the lips. I had seconds.

We finished the show with a long list of thank yous and a bottle of Squatter's Barrel of Russians Imperial Stout. I brought this beer and had mentioned earlier in the show that it was pretty hot when I first tried it a year ago. Well, that was no longer the case as the alcohol totally mellowed and the beer developed. Molasses and figs, a little sugary. Really nice rich flavors.

We then passed the bottles around the other guests and got started with the Steak and BJ portion of the evening (check out the list below!). Ed and I stayed for dinner and decided to sit at the bar and chat more with Daniel and Bartender Steven. Daniel told us a little about a few of the beers he brought back from Texas as well as some ideas he has for the restaurant. He mentioned some fun ideas for events and is considering a bottle share club with limited membership.

Dinner time... Steak and these great cheesy scalloped potatoes. The steak was totally awesome! Looking at it, with no juices on the board, you might think it's going to be dry. Cutting into it, the almost rare inside, you might think it was going to be chewy. YOU WILL BE WRONG. So tender and moist and flavorful, was fabulous. Daniel explained that was due to using the sous vide method of cooking. Dessert was a delicious slice of cheesecake. I had an excellent evening and a great meal. Thanks, Syb Pig! You've definitely proven your Craft Beer Craft Grub motto.

Yes, that is my finger

Throughout dinner we tried the following beers...

Brooklyn Local 2: always awesome

Westbrook Cap'n Skoon's Ballistic Stout: pruney and weird, one of my least favorites

Shipyard Gladiator Essedarius Bourbon-Barrel Aged Imperial Roman Ale: a very nice barleywine with candied sweetness and a nice dose of bourbon, good beer

Adelbert's Tripel B Bad Boy Brew: fruity and creamy with a touch of spice, complex and very flavorful

The Bruery Saison Rue: nice spicy rye flavors, excellent

Victory White Monkey: this is Golden Monkey Tripel aged in chardonnay barrels. Really tasty, fruity, complex with wine flavors, and most importantly missing the boozy and syrupy flavors I don't like about the original beer.

Sante Fe Kickin Chicken Bourbon-Barrel Aged Barleywine: sweet, hot alcohol, boozy

Thirsty Dog Old Leghumper: an ordinary and average porter, coffee, roasted flavors

Dogfish 75 Minute IPA: nicely hoppy with noticeable sweetness, perhaps a little too sweet

Blue Mountain Long Winter's Nap Blonde Triple Bock Lager Beer: fruity, very sweet and syrupy, didn't really enjoy it at all

1965 Mustang Parked Out Front

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