Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lolita 2011

I've been trying to get a bottle of Goose Island Lolita for several years. I don't know exactly when it went from being an on-premise-only, high-end Vintage Ale in their collection to one my trading buddy Indy Marie got in her local beer shop, but I suppose that Goose Island's new owners had something to do with that. This bottle is Vintage 2011 with a bottling date of 11/12/11: 1454.

Lolita is a Belgian Style Ale according to the label, while classified as a Sour/Wild Ale by the big beer rating sites. The label on this 650 mL bottle is simple while still coming across quite elegant. The label suggests you can age this for 5 years, so I guess that Indiana liquor store did one year for me (Thanks!). Lolita was brewed with raspberries and aged in wine barrels.

Tart raspberry puree aroma with a wine-like and lemony touch.  WOW! I knew it was coming but WOWSA! Raspberry tartness steps right up and attacks the hell out of your taste buds. After a few sips, you will start to appreciate that aspect while also starting to notice some sugary fruity sweet peach and orange balance. Tangy is a good word right about now.

Very dry. Acidic wine and sour grape flavors are present along with a touch of oak, but make no mistakes that the raspberries are the star. Yes, the Bretty yeast and funk are also noticeable and persist throughout, but I'd say this is more of a "tamed wild", perhaps more like a house cat than a lion.

Nicely crisp with a creamy texture with a low to medium carbonation. Not sure where they hid the 9% alcohol, but it wasn't noticeable at all. Very nice beer. Enjoyable all around! Grab it if you can!

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