Monday, March 4, 2013

O'Ryely IPA

A new member of Widmer Brothers' Rotator Series caught my eye a week or so ago. Having enjoyed most if not all of them in the past, I decided to give O'Ryely IPA a shot. The label could use a major upgrade from its non-attempt at an outdoorsy hop bine scene. My bet is that the beer is better. Bottled Dec 13, 2012. 6.4% alcohol.

Excellent grapefruit aroma with light pine and rye showing through. Rye flavors and citrus bitterness dominate at the beginning, quite peppery on the palate. Good body and not thin at all. Grass and flowers meet some bread dough. Not exactly balanced but not really hoppy bitter either. Rather, the rye plays a major role with its spiciness, carrying all the way through the finish. There is also a little alcohol dryness at the end.

Flavorful and enjoyable. Check it out!

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