Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Juliet 2012

Today I checked out the second of the Vintage Ladies beers that Indy Marie sent me last month. Yep, after enjoying Goose Island's Lolita a few weeks ago, Juliet is having her day! The 650mL bottle presentation is simple, yet sexy and elegant, with a purple script written Juliet. (Yes, I know their website says it's bottled in 765mL bottles, and I've already requested the 115mL balance I was shorted. Seriously, I did, and I'll let you know if I get a reply.) [Update: I got a reply about a week later asking to prove I'm 21, which I did. LOL. That was over a week ago. I guess my request was difficult.]

[Update 2: I got my answer-->they recently upped the volume from 650 to 765 and my bottle didn't make the cut. However, I got a bunch of nonsense in the answer too. I mean, I never said anything about not liking the bigger packaging? And what do "teams" have to do with anything. Confusing. I also love that they apparently only have one customer as well (ask how I know if you must).

Goose Island: "First, I wanted to apologize if you were not a fan of our new 765ml teams. We recently decided to increase the bottle size from 650ml to 765ml. Our team is always looking for our customer’s feedback, so I will be sure to pass this over to our packaging team. Comments like these help us when moving forward."

OK, so the label lets you know that this is a Belgian Style Ale aged in wine barrels with blackberries and that it can develop for up to five years in the bottle. Mine has been developing over a year, bottled 01/26/12 1213. 

Very berry forward aroma, though it remains soft and not very powerful. Light vinegary tart scents keep teasing you, because you already know this is gonna BLAM the hell out of your taste buds!

Yep! Hello tart berries! And I love those berries. They remind me of picking blackberries in my grandparents' back yard as a kid. So yeah, this is tart. The vinegary, acidic, wine-like pop is really in your face. But you do get used to it, like the 62° water when swimming in May on the Jersey Shore.

Very juicy and flavorful. There are also some dry oaky characteristics that show through as well, especially toward the finish. I was seriously starting to doubt whether this was brewed with any Brett yeast. But about halfway through the bottle, after getting over that pungent tangy whipping on your palate, you will start to taste some funk. At first it's not that much but I'll be damned if by the end of the bottle this is quite the funk machine.

Very complex. Carbonation good. The 8.0% alcohol is well disguised with all that's going on; however, I do feel like you can taste/feel the buzz every time you think about the berries. It really brings them forward.  So that's about it. You better love you some sour beer to try this, but if you do, you will not be disappointed!

One more comment. I saved the yeast at the bottom for what I thought was gonna be one huge mega-titanic-sourball. Nope, just a little muddy, nothing more. 


Marie said...

I love when you can taste the buzz!! =)

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Yeah, me too. Funny thing is I added in that word this morning while doing a final edit. Seemed appropriate!

Allen Huerta said...

Nice. I hope to hear back about the missing mL's. You got one response, so I am hoping for another soon!

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Dude, the answer is so simple that it makes me feel silly for not thinking of it. However, the way they answered me is hilarious. See Update 2 above. Thanks for reminding me to post it.