Monday, April 15, 2013


I was randomly strolling past the Total Wine cooler and Dogfish Head's Sixty-One caught my eye. I picked up a bottle and saw it was bottled on 02/26/13 so I assumed it was something I just had missed, considering the six-week lag. Nope, the beer guy there told me it had arrived the day before and that he was excited to try it that evening.

Anyway, Sixty-One is "The continually-hopped India Pale Ale brewed with Syrah grape must." So basically their 60 Minute with a twist. The label is all purpley, like it was stained with grapes. This was a 12 ounce bottle, fortunately. If it were another wine-bottle experiment for $12 I'd have kept walking. I appreciate brewers that bottle their beers, even their cool and new ones, in 12's and skip the bomber price explosion.

Nice color, pinkish, light purple. I know it looks redish-orange in the photo, but that's the sun playing tricks on you. Grainy and very grapey aroma with tart and tannic scents all over the place. So you can definitely taste the awesome 60 Minute IPA from the start--citrus, pine, a little spicy with a nice sweet fruity balance. Now... the grapes are a major factor here, adding grape tannins, and other dark fruity nuances. Cherries, cranberries and flowers. The finish is dry and the 6.5% alcohol was buried in flavor.

First two sips, thought I wasn't going to like this at all. But it definitely grew on me, not to the point of love, but nice, flavorful and extremely unique. I prefer my 60 Minute any day, goes without saying, but I'd check this out again. Go for it!

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TJ Lubrano said...

Hello! You definitely see an extra depth in the color. Maybe it's just me though, I tend to see hidden undertones :) The label looks kinda "halloween-ish" AND I had to google "tannic" haha.

Have you ever stop drinking a beer as it was simply too terrible to finish? I can recall a beer with watermelon flavors (I think, not sure) that you didn't like, but I think you did finish it all.

I have a deja vu, maybe I already asked you this...