Friday, April 5, 2013

Union Jack IPA

Before winter is totally gone and my vacation in Colorado is a distant memory, let me post a review I did one evening while I was relaxing after a hard day skiing. While I was there, I checked out Firestone Walker Union Jack IPA. Those beers are not distributed where I live in Florida, and the only other beer I tried from their brewery was the fabulous Sucaba, so let's just say my expectations were very high.

As you can see from the photo below, I was in dire need of this beer. Weather-beaten face, scraggly beard, ski hair, turtle neck... As my friend Barb Pernaris put it, that's "the look of having fun!" And she's right. On the label, there is a bear sparring with a mythical lion. Hmmm. Bottled 2/22/13. Consumed 3/22/13.

Very pleasant citrus and pine aroma. The flavors continue with citrus and pine and really showcase a nice lemony bitterness. Some tangerine tropical sweetness and bready malt flavors add the perfect amount of balance. The 7.5% alcohol was noticeable, especially with the dry finish. Oily, grassy, resinous, pungent. What more could you want from a beer? Great flavors, very tasty. Excellent all around!

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