Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dark Truth Stout

Decided to try Boulevard Brewing's Dark Truth Stout this afternoon. This beer was obtained as part of a trade as it is not distributed to South Florida. The label is simple with the name of the beer in bold block letters and a glass of this beer in front. The back label gives some insights into the beer and sets your expectations. Best By 02/12/15.

Choco-cherry, pruney aroma. Chocolate flavors come first but are immediately met with a pronounced cherry cordial type flavor, really brought out by the 9.7% alcohol. Some hazelnut flavors come next along with some charred malt, perhaps even some smoke.

The dark fruitiness is really interesting, different, even "out of bounds". Bittersweet, a little hoppy, and very creamy. The finish is quite dry. I liked just how fruit forward and different this stout was. Very enjoyable. Grab it when you can.

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