Monday, May 6, 2013

Enjoy By 05.17.13

Stone Brewing makes some of the awesomest hoppy beers on the planet. So when the beer geek community starts raving about their newest invention, you kinda need to give it a whirl. What they've done is to create a series of beers named after the date that you are supposed to drink the beer by. Enjoy By now has a handful of dates that follow it. Mine was bottled on 04/12/13 and is named Enjoy By 05.17.13, exactly five weeks later. Not sure if all are five week periods, but I wouldn't be surprised if that window was consistent.

The story on the back gives you a little background as to what they are doing with this series, but they basically implore you to drink this the second it's been refrigerated, and not wait a second longer. "We brewed this IPA specifically NOT to last" and "LIVE for the NOW, the present" and "There is no BETTER time than RIGHT NOW to enjoy THIS BEER" are just a few tips. The label front is simply the name with their gargoyle (looks like a gremlin to me) watching over.

Wonderful "make-out-with" kind of aroma. Seriously! Tropical pineapples and peaches, juicy orange citrus, and some piney peppery hops in the background. 

Super juicy flavors. Grapefruit rinds crash into peppery and piney hoppy flavors from the first sip. Not really very bitter in the beginning as there is ample sweet malty balance. The 9.4% alcohol adds a nice kick, really amping up each flavor. You know this has some bite to it!

The spicy hops continue to take little nips at your palate, and the bitterness builds, becoming more pungent as you get through this 22 ouncer. Some very soft fruity flavors do start to appear as the beer warms, but they are background and not reminiscent of that nostril love in the beginning.

The finish is pretty dry and a little alcoholic, though not in a bad way. Fresh (their label says "devastatingly fresh". Not sure I'd go that far, but that could be my fault for leaving it in my fridge for a week. And keep in mind I was going to wait until 5/18/13 to celebrate my son's birthday, just to disobey the gargoyles.) and tasty. Loved the aroma, easily the best part. Taste was delightful and flavors were bold. For sure grab one if you can.

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