Thursday, May 9, 2013

Long Strange Tripel

Today I'm checking out Boulevard Brewing's Long Strange Tripel, a member of their Smokestack Series which I acquired in a trade with one of the brewers there. Beyond the beer name, the label continues with that "Dead" hippie type feel with the crazy letter font and colors and roses. In addition, they have a thumbnail of a dude with long hair and a substantial beard. Nope, it's not Jerry Garcia. It's the longest-tenured employee of the brewery, Trip Hogue. Trip is also found repurposing a well-known song on the back label. Check it out below. Best By 08/09/13.

Sweet honeysuckle aroma with hints of tart apples, lemon, and yeast. Nice fruity peach and pear and apple flavors open things up. Honey and bubblegum work nicely with those fruits. Chewy consistency at the beginning. Some citrus and maybe even grape tartness does loosen up the sweetness next, one facet totally complementing the other.

The 9.2% alcohol shows through, enhancing the fruits while toning the chewiness. Belgian yeast is prominent and you can also taste some hay and spicy character adding interest. Creamy texture and great carbonation. Terrific beer, complex, and a little different from many other tripels. Or perhaps it was just better. I don't know. Either way, check it out!

Dedicated to my newest favoritest brewery Marketing Communications Manager, Julie Weeks.

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