Monday, May 13, 2013

Madame Rose 2012

Finally I'm getting to the third sister from Goose Island's Vintage Ales collection. Madame Rose is a Belgian Style Brown Ale brewed with cherries and aged in wine barrels. And thanks again to (no more)-Marathons Marie for trading me for this and the other two ladies, Juliet and Lolita. If this is any bit as good as they were, I'm in for a treat! This is the 2012 vintage, bottled 07/31/12, just short of one year of the five the bottle says you can age it.

Simple label on this 22 ouncer, yet classic. Eggshell background with an illustration of some red foil colored cherries and other red accents. The name of the beer is in some script style from the days when they invented calligraphy.

Dark reddish-brown color. I thought it was going to be a little brighter, but whatever. Tart cherry aroma, not overpowering, with some fizzy little bubbles.

Tart fruity flavors start, generic at first, but then becoming identifiable as cherries and apples. Strong acidity is there, but this is certainly less puckering than either Juliet or Lolita. A little sweetness from the cherries adds some nice balance. Wood and wine tannin flavors from the aging process are very obvious throughout and work great with the cherries.

There is very little Brett character in this beer, though I know that it was used. A little flat but still OK. The finish was a bit dry. The cherry flavors linger on your palate, a nice touch. I didn't really notice the 7.1% alcohol at all, except perhaps for a glimpse with the dry ending--very nicely incorporated. Overall, I really liked Madame Rose, though I missed just a hint more of the blatant tartness her sisters provided. Nice job, Goose Island Buds.

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