Friday, May 31, 2013

Sweet Action

After checking out Resin a few days ago, I decided to try Sixpoint Brewery's Sweet Action next. I heard this beer referred to as a Cream Ale more than a few times, but my pounder can doesn't say that. I normally don't go do more research, but decided one more click would be OK today--even the Sixpoint website is confused on style, which is actually perfectly fine with me. I don't care about style guidelines.

There is a story on the back. Actually, I was tipped off by this really cool Boston guy (yeah, I know) that all of these Sixpoint can stories lead with a quote from a poem. Sweet Action's quote happens to be from long-dead poet Hilda Doolittle. She still hasn't been dead long enough to be famous enough for me to have heard of her. Read into that any way you wish. Anyway, you can see the full story in the photo below. The can offers a few stats as well: 5.2% ABV; 34 IBU; 12 SRM.

Citrus and lemony hoppiness with a touch of sweet grain aroma. The flavors are FAR more bitter than I anticipated, and beyond the bitterness, there is even a sour doughy flavor. Grassy and citrus hops meet a spicy zing on the palate with just a touch of flower petals.

Definitely creamy but lacking balance in any way. Perhaps a faint fruity sweetness barely shows just at the end, and you do get used to the flavors eventually, mostly. But I don't want to have to drink an entire beer just to get used to its weirdo flavors. I can drink the sourest of the Puckerington Kingdom beers and be used to them with just a few sips.

Lemony wins all the way, in a bad way. Refreshing at best. Funny aftertaste. Pass.

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