Friday, June 7, 2013

Fleur De Houblon Summer Ale

I decided to try Fleur De Houblon Summer Ale today. This is a Belgian Pale Ale brewed by Brewery Ommegang in Cooperstown, New York. The label depicts the Fleur de Houblon, translated to Hop Flower, a very simple little impression on the front. On the side, a story about the beer and what the brewery hopes you experience while drinking it. Serve at 40°F. 6.8% alcohol.

Lemony aroma with quite a bit of yeast and a light fruity sweetness. Yeasty hay flavors and lemony hops dominate right from the beginning. Carbonation is prickly yet you still have a nice creamy texture. Sweet honey and orange add additional flavor nuances, and there is a little peppery spice toward the end.

I just went back to read a review I did a few years back of their BPA Belgian Pale Ale, a beer I remembered really enjoying. Part of the reason I went back was because of how much this beer reminded me of it. Maybe this is a little sweeter, a little fruitier, but they are definitely relatives. That house yeast these guys use really has a distinct flavor. Anyway, I liked it. Grab one when you can.

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