Wednesday, June 26, 2013

G/I/A/A (god is an american) Imperial IPA Ghost 005

I recently received my second "Official Taste Tester" kit from Adroit-Theory Brewing Company in Purcellville, Virginia. (Remember, this is still homebrew, though they are progressing slowly for a late fall/early winter opening). You might recall they had sent me two versions of their B/A/Y/S Imperial Stout earlier this year, Ghost 002 and Ghost 003. This time, they went the exact opposite direction, creating G/I/A/A (god is an american) Imperial IPA Ghost 005.

If you read their introduction, you will see that this beer was designed to show off the "Revolutionary Aspects" of their brand. They even went so far as to create some post cards with death head moth masks featured on them (see pics way below). If you want one, I will put it in the mail for you. But you need to tell me why you deserve it (leave a comment). Finally, the name of the beer comes from a line in the David Bowie song I'm Afraid of Americans. Click below to listen while you read on.

The 375 mL bottle is corked and caged, designed with that Revolution theme I mentioned above. To the side, the label offers a little story to set your expectations for this "Citra based hop beast aged on Ash wood infused with vodka". Trifecta 1, Ghost 005, Batch Ash, Bottle 292 of 300. Alcohol 11.2%, IBU 89, SRM 12, Serve at 54°-57°F. DAMN!

Candied orange malty sweet aroma meets booziness with a noticeable Ash aroma. Rich and sweet malty start, very chewy. Big alcohol is also noticeable, though well incorporated and tamed. Juicy orange and citrus are quite flavorful and the hops add the perfect amount of bitterness to add some balance.

The Ash also adds a very prevalent flavor throughout and makes the finish very dry. Just as you finish each sip, you get a hint of spirit type quality, that "oof". Big body, low carbonation. A unique, tasty treat!

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