Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hoptimum -- Galileo's Bane Guest Post

You guys probably remember when Darren did that guest review of Palo Santo Marron last fall, right? Well, he's back with this little gem. Check it out!

“Write drunk; edit sober."  ― Ernest Hemingway

(I won't say I was drunk, but drinking the Hoptimum, and it was late at night, and the following contains only minimal edits to the original.)

The art on the label could pass for the next monster on Doctor Who... the Non-weeping Silent Cyber Hophead!  Flavor abounds!  Hop goodness from the initial aroma to the finish.  This is a terrific beer. Smooth, wonderful, hops front to back.

All whole cone hops is the bragging point with this one.

I'd like to put this against the 90 Min, Hopzilla and Hopslam. Thinking about it, the 90 Min will be balanced, the Hopzilla will lean toward pungent (with firm malt flavor) and the Hopslam leans toward the sweet. This is right where is should be.

The 90 Minute is great, but the local grocery store sells it.  Give me a limited release to get excited about.  And three come to mind; Bell's Hopslam, Terrapin Hopzilla, and the reigning champ of them, the Sierra Nevada Hoptimum! (starting to sound repetitive, I know.)  Hop heads only need apply.

If you combine the three above, you may get one as good as this.

The Imperial IPA is one of my favorite styles.  Nothing wimpy about it.  Bam!  The flavor hits you right in the eyes (and mouth).

From the aroma, to the initial sweetness of flavor, and then then raising crescendo on the finish... It's like a symphony of taste.

A persistent thin white head acts as a protective canopy for the hoppy greatness.
Beautiful gold color, like an imperial IPA should have.

I like the hop head logo on the label. It fits so well with the style of this beer.  And reminds me that "bow ties are cool."

Get it while you can!!!

Darren U.  @galileosbane

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