Monday, June 10, 2013

Shipwrecked Double IPA

And another new brewery at my local Total Wine. South Florida is seriously on a roll! Today I'm talking about Mission Brewery from San Diego, California, and decided to check out their Shipwrecked Double IPA first. Beyond the name, the label art continues the theme with a black flag decorated with a skull wearing a pirate's eye patch. On the side, a few sentences describing their beer, with lots of adjectives. You can read it below.

Tons of pine in the aroma with a little black peppery, rye-like spice. Sweet, malty melon and pineapples start, and let me tell you they are dripping in a 9.25% boozy infusion. Pine resin and a little orange citrus step in with plenty of pungent bitter hops. That bitterness along with more of that rye bread spicy flavor really build and are the dominant aspects of the beer.

Good chewy body, sappy. On the flat end of the spectrum. More alcohol heat and a little burn in the throat come toward the finish. Decent balance, decent beer.

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