Monday, July 8, 2013

La Folie Sour Brown Ale 2013

Wife and kids are at the movies so I decided to crack open La Folie Sour Brown Ale 2013. Eventually, this will be sold in South Florida. Until then, I was lucky enough that the brewery sent me this one. This is a Flanders-Style Reddish Brown Ale aged in French Oak barrels according to Big 22. This beer is part of New Belgium's Lips of Faith Series of beers. Bottle decoration is a sea of abstract flowers with the name of the beer in the middle. 7% alcohol.

So I poured a glass, got ready for a picture and FUCK, I hit the glass with the bottle, breaking a whole in the bottom of the globe. So around 12 oz or so of my beer is still on the table and back patio. And I'm pretty sure the neighbor kid learned a new word now. But at least I had almost a full glass for a repeat (and of course to drink). Was one of my better glasses too!

Aroma (and I had a whole table full to smell) full of vinegar and cider and fruity apples. Even a touch of nuttiness there. Flavors are sour to start, no shock, but this was never obnoxiously sour. And for sure I was not led to "Mouthpuckering Perfection" as the bottle suggested. For me though, this was a perfect sour and tartness.

Nice cherry and apple fruitiness work awesomely with the sour, and there is a huge oak flavor throughout, but especially at the end. The finish is dry. Decent body and carbonation. And the light fruity aftertaste was very pleasant and lingered for a while. Very enjoyable (half) beer.

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