Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Noble King Hoppy Farmhouse Ale

Was looking through my beer stash a few hours ago and stumbled across this forgotten bottle of Noble King Hoppy Farmhouse Ale. My friend in Texas sent me a bunch of Jester King beers months ago and this is the last of them. So I threw it into the freezer to get the wine bottle cold fast and went back to work. Next thing I know, all hell breaks loose on Twitter. Apparently some Dutchess is in labor with the Royal baby on the way shortly. Who knew?

Anyway, I think it's extremely funny that I'm drinking this beer by chance on the same day. But honestly, I do feel exactly the same way the brewers do in their story on the side, "not especially into the whole monarchy thing." Really. Who gives a shit anyway?

The label depicts a regal lion donning crown jewels in his mane. The design and colors are very cool, as the shapes and greens make the lion resemble a hop cone. The other panels of the label tell a little about the beer and list the ingredients it's made with. 5.9% alcohol.

Pleasing aroma, sweet yet soft peaches meet a lemon hoppiness and some wheat. Wheat flavors also come first on the palate. Add in some really flavorful and juicy fruity apples and citrus oranges. Bright, spicy hops add a really nice contrast. Refreshing tartness goes well with the nice lemony nip at your palate.

Not that "farmhousey" at all, no funk. That is perfectly fine with me as I enjoyed this beer immensely. Really great flavors, nice contrast of sweet and bitter, terrific refreshment. Might be my favorite of the half dozen I've tried from these guys, at least one of the top. Noble King >>> Royal King (well, the kid is currently third in line).


Allen Huerta said...

I didn't really like this one. I thought the spice and all the fruit flavors didn't really go together. This was my first from this brewery. I have a bottle of that Prince guy left.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Let me know how you like the Le Petit Prince one.