Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Another beer New Belgium was nice enough to send me was Paardebloem, a collaboration beer they did with Red Rock Brewery and a member of their Lips of Faith series. This beer was brewed with peach juice, grains of paradise and dandelion greens, then blended with wood aged beer. The label on Big 22 shows a bunch of abstract dandelions growing, like my yard. Best Enjoyed By May 2014.

Sweet syrupy peach aroma with Belgian yeast all over it. Peaches with a candy sugar sweet coating come first. Boozy too, like "I-got-a-little-shiver" boozy from the 9% alcohol. A weird earthy bitterness is also prevalent from the start.

Herbal, spicy, strangely sour. Toward the end, you do feel some woody dryness and finish with more flowery dandelions, which I didn't like. I will say that the beer got a little better with a some warmth, but there was really no reason to force myself to drink this beer. Not quite yuck, but close enough, like a leaner in horseshoes.

I think it's about time breweries start to swing the pendulum back and simplify things. How about more honest flavors instead of throwing every possible ingredient into a beer and seeing the reaction. That was so 2010! I was talking to a famous bartender just yesterday about this very topic, and though we were mostly rapping cocktails, it's the same damn thing! To paraphrase, he said, "Don't overthink cocktails and add a lot of unnecessary or esoteric ingredients just to make it exotic. Just make delicious cocktails."

PS. How about everyone comments about my little rant and names as many BS ingredients you can think of that brewers have used which you think ruined the beer. You don't have to call them out, just a list.

The End!


Vinny said...

Beard yeast. Though to be fair, I liked the "Beard Beer" from Rogue.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

I did not try that beard beer.

Personally, I'm a little tired of all the adjuncts that have been added supposedly in the name of improving beer flavors lately. Dandelions, for example, in this beer, sucked--sucked donkey balls. And there are dozens of other breweries besides New Belgium that are doing the same type of shit. Let's just say from Dogfish, from the top of my quick search... Farro, cilantro, gentian root, pomegranate, gesho root, wattle seed, amaranth, rooibos, myrica gale, wtf root, wtf seed, wtf flavors.

None of those beers were even good and DEFINITELY NOT worth the jacked up price. Breweries need to get over the extreme experimentation and make beers people like. I am positive Dogfish will never make ANY of those beer again. They can say "one off" or "ancient beer series" all they want. If they were well received, they brew again. Hate to pick on a brewery I really adore but it's one that fits the mold and the others are too much work for me. Though they hate being labeled the 60-Minute Brewery, they should dedicate more to that brand, and then ship it to all 50 states. (I'm available for consulting work too = not free twitter brainstorming). Love. Rob