Friday, July 26, 2013

Patio Pils Pre-Prohibition Pilsner

I was in Naples (NOT Italy) last weekend for a 6 year old baseball tournament. Yeah, I know, they take that shit seriously here. Unfortunately, the team didn't do very well. Fortunately, the Naples Total Wine was easy access to the Hilton. I grabbed a bunch of local stuff including a six pack of Cigar City's Patio Pils Pre-Prohibition Pilsner. Not sure if this is available back at home across the peninsula or not. Anyway, I drank five by myself in our hotel room (amongst many others), but decided to save one for a review.

The label depicts a century-ago guy smoking a cigar. To the side, a story, of course. Cigar City tells how they took an original recipe and modernized it. You can read how by yourself below. They also give a few pairing recommendations. I couldn't even come up with the "good company" one today!

Malty and fruity aroma with some spicy hops, though the whole aroma was pretty muted. Chewy body, sweet fruity to start, much bigger than I expected from any pilsner. Then a very interesting wave of hoppiness shows, bringing distinct tart berry and lemon flavors with it. A little spicy, grassy nip at the palate comes next.

Medium plus body takes from the overall refreshment, but those raspberries were an extremely unique element in this beer. The 7% alcohol shows on the finish, in a positive way. Liked the complexity; prefer a little more refreshment. Nice beer!

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